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Transformation Prayer Network

Ordinary people, doing extraordinary things! Each day we look to see where God is at work through the leading of the Holy Spirit and join the Holy Spirit there.

God is raising up more and more communities, school districts, counties, cities, and regions where individuals are embracing the vision to see their area transformed by the power of God. It only takes one ordinary person filled with the Holy Spirit to be a catalyst for transformation. You will begin to see everyday people speaking God’s peace and blessing over other's hurting and in need.

In Romans 14:17 the apostle Paul describes the kingdom of God as “righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Only God can truly transform a person’s life. Let God use you to bring righteousness, peace, and joy into the lives of people who have lost hope. Transformation begins with you! It then builds momentum, one person at a time.

Join us on the transformation journey!

The Early Days

The Transformation Prayer Network also formerly known as the Upper Perk Prayer Evangelism Network or “UPPEN,” began in 2004. It began when the pastors of three churches in the Upper Perkiomen Valley region began to meet together on a monthly basis to pray for the Upper Perk school district. The three churches were Community Bible Fellowship Church, Hope Valley Community Church, and Perkiomenville Mennonite Church.

The three churches pastor’s shared goal of gathering together was out of a passion for intercessory prayer and evangelism. Their prayers were centered around asking God to bring revival to all of the churches in the Upper Perkiomen Valley and for God to spiritually awaken those without Jesus Christ. Their burden to reach the Valley grew through materials including "Prayer Evangelism" by Ed Silvoso and "Transformation" videos by Harvest Evangelism.

Coming Together

TPN partners with 8-12 churches in the Upper Perk school district on various projects. TPN partners with individuals, churches, ministries, and apostolic centers throughout the region and the state. TPN started as a prayer focus for transformation for the Upper Perk school district. From there, intercessors and churches began to network together with the eight school districts that border Upper Perk. These include Brandywine Heights, Southern Lehigh, East Penn, Quakertown, Pennridge, Souderton, Perk Valley, and Boyertown.

TPN is currently working with networks and groups in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, The District of Columbia, Oklahoma and in other regions of the U.S.

Now & Onwards

In the immediate local region, TPN's "greater field" is praying for three cities that create a triangle in southeastern PA; Reading, Allentown, and Philadelphia. TPN is near the center of this triangle region and has kingdom relationships in these three cities. We are excited about what God has already done in these three cities. And we are excited to see what God is going to do next in these three cities and the greater regions in between. God is also developing strategic relationships with houses of prayer across the region and the state of Pennsylvania.

TPN partners with the Pennsylvania Apostolic Prayer Network, The Reformation Prayer Network, and the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network. TPN serves as a watchman on the wall through strategic intercession. TPN serves as watchmen, to oversee through intercession, the 22 counties in eastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia County, for the Pennsylvania Apostolic Prayer Network. Pray with us that we will see a spiritual power grid of worship and intercession built over Philadelphia and the greater region. Pray with us as we lay the spiritual foundation for regional transformation and to see the Kingdom of God coming throughout the entire region. Pray for the physical manifestation of God's glory and God's Kingdom coming in this region of southeastern PA. Pray for the establishment of God’s kingdom over the 22 counties of eastern PA area and all 67 counties across the state of Pennsylvania. Pray for the establishment of 24/7 worship and intercession, ushering in God's presence over the region and the state.

Check out the Transformation Prayer Network website here!